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Dr. Md. Maruf Al Hasan Blood Cancer Specialist

MBBS(RMC), BCS(Health), FCPS(Hematology), CCD(BIRDEM), MACP(USA), PhD Researcher(Thalassemia)
Specialist in blood medicine, thalassemia, and blood cancer
Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

Diseases treated:

Anemia of pregnancy, Abnormal bleeding or hemophilia, Anemia: Decreased hemoglobin, Requiring repeated blood or blood injections, ITP or decreased blood platelets, Blood platelets go to the bed, Venous thrombosis, DIC and embolism, Swollen tonsils, swelling of the body, jaundice, fever, and stroke due to blood diseases, Blood cancer (leukemia, CML, CLL, multiple myeloma, lymphoma) Myelofibrosis, MDS, Abnormal blood reports, Injections into the brain for blood cancer, Bone marrow and trephine test, Thalassemia or hereditary anemia, Red and black spots on the skin, Polycythemia – Increased hemoglobin, Increased blood platelets, Enlargement of liver and spleen


Popular Diagnostic Center Ltd.: Rajshahi Bhavan – 1
Time: 4.30pm- 10pm

Ibn Sina Diagnostic and Consultation Centre, Rajshahi
Time: 2.30pm to 5pm

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